Communion is also referred to by several other names. Also called The Lord's Table, Communion is also known as The Eucharist by the Anglican Church.

At Welcome Baptist Church, the Communion Table is open to all who love Jesus whether members of the church or not.

What is the Purpose of Communion?

The Communion Service celebrates The Last Supper of Christ when, in the upper room of a house in Jerusalem, Jesus broke bread and took wine with the Disciples symbolising the fact that His body was about to be broken (bread) by the crucifixion and His blood (wine) spilled for the redemption of believers.
Jesus commanded that this last meal be taken in remembrance of Him and thus the Communion Service is taken as the act of obedience to these wishes. Now some 2000 years after the event, this basic meal is still celebrated by Christians around the world.



Communion Services.

The Welcome Baptist Church has a Communion Service on the first Sunday in every month.

From time to time, this will take place with the children in the church. Children are welcome to take Communion but we recognise that this is a decision for parents as to whether they take part.

Communion Services are also held by other churches in Heathfield.